Round House series III: This wheel’s on fire!

Join me on a journey through Dutch and German history. We will delve into the backgrounds and occult beliefs of some intriguing characters and I will tell you what motivated them to purchase several plots of haggard land in an extended forest... and how that impacted an entire nation!

Teaser to tomorrow’s blog: Disney fairytale or bitter Dutch reality?

Hardly anybody in the Netherlands ever writes about what happens below the surface in the Dutch arts and media industry. We have gotten used to not questioning and refraining from research. But what if God, Himself is saying enough is enough? What if He wants to bring to light the atrocities that were hidden for …

Inside Report on Illuminate The Netherlands

Yesss!! A brand new Illuminate The Darkness Inside Report-video has been put online! This episode is about The Netherlands. Vee and Jessie Woodrow have been working really hard to show & tell in this video why our ministry Illuminate The Netherlands is far from a walk in the park...

Bombshell surprise: speaking to Dutch congress!

Rachèl Nieuwstede, owner of the petition for an investigation of the LEBZ, asked me to do a speech in a video meeting with Dutch Congress! The LEBZ is a huge gate keeper if it comes to filing complaints against Satanic Ritual Abuse. Due to their efforts, the police hardly ever investigates an SRA case in the Netherlands.

FREEDOM FOR THE CHILDREN – A Global Event For Change and Awareness of Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking – Saturday, August 22, 2020.

For English, check out this website: Freedom For the Children Announcement in Dutch - STILLE TOCHT Op zaterdag, 22 augustus a.s. worden er stille tochten gehouden in Den Haag, Eindhoven, Arnhem en Amsterdam, om op te komen voor slachtoffers van kinderhandel, pedofilie en ritueel misbruik. Kom ook, en laat Nederland zien dat we een wereld …