Hands: Marked Sacred Ground

Hands Holy ground How is holy ground marked? Identified? Above ground…below ground How many hands can we find? Airports, Casinos, Malls, Billboards… Search…search….search

Ritual (Part 4) A building made of brick A basement that gives way to miles of tunnels The tunnel walls all marked Marked with what? A woman stands with a bowl filled with blood in her hands The boy and girl stand before a tall wall with grey bricks It is time

All their identifiers made as an offering upon holy ground To whom? For what?

They have been prepped, prepared How many times did they stand before this wall How often did they have to practice pressing their hand in a certain way Their hands touching prints left by those who went before them Thousands upon thousands of hands upon the wall

Above ground Below ground Holy ground is always marked

6 Replies to “Hands: Marked Sacred Ground”

  1. Jessie, Listened to part 2 of your interview at Truth Unsealed. Has alot of this Satanism been engaged from the foundation of our nation? Tiffany


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