Jessie Czebotar

At age 3, Jessie gave her heart to Jesus. A bit over a year later, she was forced into Illuminati training to become the successor of the Queen Mother of Darkness. However, Jessie refused to take her position in the System. In 2019, she started to share her testimony and expertise. Her main goal is to tell the captives of the System and those who fell victim to it, that there is a Way Out.

On this page, you can find links to the websites, radio and video channels that are featuring Jessie. Please pray for the protection of these media. The censure is brutal.


The first two interviews with Jessie took place on the Youtube podcast DISCOVERING TRUTH with Dan Duval:

Dan Duval’s first interview with ‘Jane’, alias Jessie, August 10, 2019.
Dan Duval’s second interview with ‘Jane’, alias Jessie – August 25, 2019.

DARK OUTPOST is DAVID ZUBLICK’s website. His videos with Jessie have been taken down from Youtube, but you can still find them in the link below, if you subscribe to Dark Outpost:

David Zublick’s website Dark Outpost.

GOOD DOG’s website gives access to various interviews with Jessie on different outlets:

Good Dog’s website. Various interviews with Jessie.

AQUARIUS RISING AFRICA, with Chantelle Meyburgh and Morné Venter, has a channel on Youtube:

Aquarius Rising Africa. Various interviews with Jessie.

RIGHT ON RADIO, hosted by Jeff and Jessie, can be found on Podbean radio and on Youtube:

Right On Radio’s Podbean channel. Hosted by Jeff and Jessie.
Right On Radio’s Youtube channel. Hosted by Jeff and Jessie. Click HERE to enter.

BUISINESS GAME CHANGERS with SARAH WESTALL contains various podcasts that feature Jessie. These interviews are also on several video channels, like Bitchute:
Sarah Westall’s website.
Sarah Westall on Bitchute. Click HERE to enter.

Michael K Jaco – Shining the Light on Human Sex Traffic by Elites and Using the DUMBS and Orphanages to Hide It – January 8, 2021.
A message from Jessie Czebotar – Trust & Light at the End of the Tunnel – January 16, 2020.
The Reveal Report, George Iceman’s channel about occultism and the paranormal, with regular appearances of Jessie Czebotar.
Satanic Empire, an interview of Sean Stone with Jessie Czebotar. Also check out the website,

These blogs were written by Jessie and published on Cathy Fox’s website:

This blog by Cathy Fox is crucial for understanding the series of blogs that were written by Jessie:

And these are blogs written by Cathy Fox, assisted by Jessie, who offered her expertise:

89 Replies to “Jessie Czebotar”

  1. You are an immense soldier of GOD! He chose wisely. You are a testament to the reality that the King of Kings & Lord of Lords makes NO mistakes! Thank You!

  2. Hi Jessie, I appreciate you. I found if I looked up the State Seal in every State it was explicit in explanation. I live in Hawaii and evidently it says the Phoenix is rising here. – Also, in Oregon where I grew up, it shows on the right some of the keys you showed us in the most recent reveal. If I am aggressive to fight for the safety of our children and I anoint for these places in the name of the lord, am i still able to be a positive energy when I fight for the sake of others? I follow you and Pray for your safety. – Candace Soul Shift

    1. I have been going around Portland rebuking all the evil! I will continue and will listen more carefully for even better advise to help clean the demons out of Oregon! God Bless you all!

  3. Do you know who the Anti Christ is? And are the cabal and Satan defeated with the Q movement?

  4. PLEASE,
    Give more information about the “Mormon“ connection.
    Praise my Father, I’ve been guided out of the Mormon institution after 40 years.
    7 year journey.
    Please help me understand more so I can help my children and family.

  5. @Jessie C.
    Can you reveal if Elon M is “good”?
    I live in Texas, so for several reasons, I’d like to know if he is trustworthy.
    Appreciate you💖

  6. Hi Jessie from Australia, I thank you for your courage and your light,I feel like you have called me to action with the concept of anointing our lands…. protecting Gods land for him and for our futures
    God bless you

  7. Hi Jesse, Thank you for your bravery to share this information with us. I am from the Chicagoland area and wanted to reach out to you to gain more insight and wisdom on how I (and a group of God serving women) can take more action in our area(s). I’m sure you get many requests but any advise/direction would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I Stumbled on your material on YouTube and this has been quite helpful. I work in the New York City foster care system for 25 years and the past 7 years I have been under attack from one of these mothers of darkness. After 7 years of unrelentingly warfare and much confusion the Lord appeared to me in a dream clarify who she was and why her move to remove me from the industry. He told me she get direct instructions from Lucifer. Of course I have been very outspoken about the trafficking of children, SRA and prostitution of young girls in foster care. Your material has bring much insight the order and operation in what I believe is a strong network of a sisterhood (coven) in operation in the industry..

  9. I have a real kinship with your journey. I know God is raising real warriors up outside the church system all over the world. People that stayed true but never had a voice. God has been talking with me for quite a while and told me to warn people to get out of the 501 C3’s churches. I went through the same things you went through with the church. I never thought I would ever write a book but God birthed a book in one month I just finished it and gave it to the publisher. I believe God showed me some very important legal clauses to get rid of our demons from the traumas in our lives. I have seen lives transformed with little mess and time for the process. I would love to chat with you to work with you in going after the generals. I believe we have been lied to by the infiltrators to the church that we are not strong enough to defeat the enemy. I know this is wrong. God was telling me that we need an army of people that will pray certain prayers and been asking Him for those prayers. After watching a series of your videos I believe what we are doing is fitted by Our Father.
    Your Brother in Our Dear and Almighty Lord Jesus,

  10. Sorry it appears that I misspelled your name! What I wanted to say and I’ll just say it again thank you JESSIE for protecting us and fighting for all of our souls!

  11. Fascinating information and a lot to ponder. However when I see associations with groups like AQUARIUS RISING AFRICA, that gives me pause. Also in your conversation with Sarah Westall she seems to question authority of scripture. To be clear Jesus Christ is God and the only way of salvation. Also the Bible is the inspired word of God. I just need to ask if these are your convictions? You have a right to believe whatever you want but if these are not your convictions that’s fine I just need to move on. thanks.

    1. Eric, thanks for leaving your comment on our website. To answer your question: like you, Jessie has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord, God and Savior in her life. She is a born again Christian. The fact that she is appearing on podcasts of people who believe otherwise, does not mean that she left her Christian faith. On the contrary. She is being herself in Christ at all times, and is praying for the people who invite her on their shows. Hope this helps. God bless you, Marion.

  12. Jessie! I been listening to your interviews & would love to help somehow!

    Also, would you consider having live prayer times where we could join in with you as you lead us in prayer?

    Thankful for your courage and your heart full of love and forgiveness!

  13. You are truly a beacon of light in this deep and vast darkness. Thank you for your courage and sharing your experiences and insight. I adore listening to you. You are intensely knowledgeable on so many fascinating fronts that are not well known. Your strong, and caring heart to protect and enlighten is beyond measure. I am praying that whatever is happening to you now, that you are protected.
    I am a richer person for finding you. Thankyou for your work 😍 Dina Grant

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