Pray with us…

On this page we are sharing subjects to pray for. They will be updated more than once a week, so feel free to come back here regularly. Underneath the date marked items, you can find bullet points with prayer suggestions for the bigger picture.

Image by Michal Soukup via Unsplash

September 17, 2020 Pray for the Netherlands. For decades, this country has had the image on both the inside and outside of being extremely tolerant and having a realistic outlook on life. These two aspects of the Dutch national character have been exploited to the extreme by the Luciferian Brotherhood / Illuminati / Cabal. As long as the people strongly opposed intolerance and everything that was beyond normal, the Cabal could keep their secrets safely buried. Up until only a few months ago, there were less than 200 truthers on a population of 17.4 million and they were pretty much isolated from each other. But finally, people are starting to think for themselves and do research, which is a direct answer to prayer. More and more of them are questioning the narrative of the government and the main stream media. News items about Satanic Ritual Abuse and pedophilia are reaching general media outlets, although sparsely, and a handful of politicians have committed themselves to getting the truth out. Please pray for these politicians – for courage, discernment, perseverance and Divine protection. Also pray that the Cabal whistleblowers and survivors of ritual abuse will be protected by Jesus’ blood. We are hoping for a strong army of prayer warriors to arise in the Netherlands, with people who are ready for what is to come, who know what it is to follow Christ, regardless of the consequences.

Also pray…

  • …For leadership all over the world, fighting evil forces in high places. That God would guide them and direct them.
  • For the children who fell victim to sex trafficking. That they may be healed.
  • For humanity as a whole worldwide, that we would unite as a human family, with one voice calling out to God. That His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
  • For all those affected by the Corona virus, whether themselves or loved ones. May God heal the sick and comfort those who lost loved ones.
  • For every man, woman and child trapped in the occult. That God would draw them out and heal their hearts and minds.
  • For all children of the world, that God would reveal Himself to them to bring about a global revival!

2 Replies to “Pray with us…”

  1. Hi Jessie

    My husband and I have heard your interviews with Gooddog. We’re amazed at the amazing way Jesus has, and continues to use you; for His honor and His glory! May He continue to bless you in all that you do for His kingdom.

    Lord Jesus, please keep a hedge about Jessie and her family. Please continue bringing the children out, and may a countless number be born again by Your Holy Spirit, amen.

    Many blessings and prayer,


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