Self Care Tips

This brand new page is especially for the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Here, you can find self-care tips, shared by the survivors themselves. We hope you will benefit from the advice that has been proven to help them…


Image by Evie Shaffer via Unsplash

A nurturing corner can be established on the couch or on a large cushion on the floor (NOT on the hard cold floor, though.) Make it a soft, warm place, with pillows, soft blankets or plaids, possibly with a cuddly toy. Choose colors that you feel comfortable with.
A nurturing corner is meant to be a shelter from the storm, because hiding can sometimes be better than fighting until you’re completely exhausted.
It’s also a place to rest, to find comfort after therapy or a busy day, and after or during the reliving of past experiences. You can find comfort and warmth in the nurturing corner.
You might also want to make sure that there is a shawl that can serve as a shield, as a protection against inner voices, programs or bad thoughts. Nothing that is not true can pass through that shield.
And that shawl can also provide a warm sense of security. You’re safe, here you can be just as you are, it’s okay.
In the nurturing corner you can also take some time to listen to music or watch a movie, while enjoying a nice hot drink. Candles or a scent are a good idea, too.

Image by Alexander Andrews via Unsplash

A scent can help to get a renewed sense of security and to re-orientate. Which scent makes you feel safe? For me, it’s eucalyptus. So I have a few drops of oil with water in an spray bottle. For example, I can spray the scent on a pillow, a cuddly toy, a cloth, a plaid, to have that safe scent.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

For a certain period of time, my therapist and I even called this scent the antidote. Antidote to the poison of everything that they taught me in the Hidden World (Satanic/Luciferian cult), all the voices from there, all the programs, we labeled that as poison. And as Not true.