The Netherlands

This is a place where you can find publications about the Illuminati, human trafficking and related political developments in the Netherlands. Some of these posts are not in English, but you can let your browser translate them.

Information Security for Journalists, Dutch book by Helma de Boer, based on the book by Silkie Carlo and Arjen Kamphuis. Link to free PDF download.
Common Sense TV – oproep voor mars “Protect The Children” – October 17, 2020.
Dutch lawyer Henriëtte Nakad, about Dutch Child Protection Services , who are ordered by the Federal Government (including President Mark Rutte) to keep children away from their innocent parents. Spoken in English – October 12, 2020.
Article in Dutch, by Ella Ster, with links to e.g. Jessie and our website, on DUMBS & child rescues and adrenochrome – October 11, 2020.
Dutch article in newspaper NRC, about the four servers that host the most child porn, and possible measures to battle this – October 8, 2020.
Anglican Mainstream (website) – Article about therapists, asking the Dutch Congress to take SRA seriously – October 7, 2020.
Documentary about illegitimate activity of Jeugdzorg (Child Protection Services) in the Netherlands. Children are being removed from their homes under false pretenses. Video in Dutch and Russian, with Dutch subtitles – October 1, 2020.
Website in Dutch with questions whether or not the legal system of the Netherlands is corrupted.
Interview on Café Weltschmerz in Dutch, with the mother of Lisa, a victim of a pedo ring and with famous author Yvonne Keuls, who, as a social worker, was witness to the grooming activities of a pedo ring – September 14, 2020.
Documentary in Dutch, about Lisa, who is a victim of rape and torture by her father and the pedo ring he is connected to – September 7, 2020.
Dutch blog by De Blauwe Tijger about bizarre artworks on the beach boulevard of Scheveningen, the Netherlands, and the history behind the museum that placed them – August 26, 2020., a Dutch website about the rape culture in the Netherlands.
Thread about the disappearance of children from refugee camps and asylum centers – FactCheckerZ forum.
Part 2 of the Lange Frans-podcast with Adele van der Plas, attorney of Hüseyin Baybasin. About the link between Baybasin’s false imprisonment and the Demmink-pedophilia case. A Dutch video with English subtitles – September 9, 2020.
Vlog by Francis Capelle, who is going much further in his research of the Demmink case and dares to ask questions that no other has dared to ask. Video is in Dutch – September 8, 2020.
Part 1 of the Lange Frans-podcast with Adele van der Plas, attorney of Hüseyin Baybasin. About the cover-up of the pedophilia case on Joris Demmink, former Secretary-General of the Dutch Justice Department. A Dutch video with English subtitles – September 2, 2020.
Blog on Dutch left-wing weblog Joop, about Ritual Child Abuse and Child Trafficking, September 3, 2020. TRIGGER WARNING: comments of readers of this blog can be experienced as shocking and discouraging!
Website about the cover up of the Joris Demmink-case. A child trafficking horror story in which the corrupted leader of the Dutch Justice Department plays a main role.
The real story about Joris Demmink, head of the Dutch Justice Department, and his role in child sex trafficking in Europe.
Dutch news item on how the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands refuses to investigate cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse – August 28, 2020.
About Ninth Circle activity in Zwolle, the Netherlands. An article in Dutch – TelegramNL.EU – May 13, 2020.
Increased amount of child sexual abuse material detected in Europe – April 28, 2020.
TV program of Dutch investigative journalists, reporting on how the Department of Justice in the Netherlands made sure that a reporting facility & support program of counselors for victims of malicious cults was stopped at the height of its success – December 3, 2019.
Toos Nijenhuis’ testimony about Mountbatten & Prince Bernhard, who sexually tortured & killed kids.
Results of an extensive governmental survey on violence in Youth Care in the Netherlands, from 1945 to 2019 – June 12, 2019.
Ex-Model Incarcerated For Exposing Illuminati Child Sacrifice – blog about Nathalie Augustina – September 4, 2018.

Dutch blog by ELLASTER about pedo network with sex cellar underneath a primary school in Emmer-Compascuum, the Netherlands – July 5, 2017.
Compilation of video material in English, about the case around Dutch pedophile Joris Demmink, former chief of the Dutch Justice Department – July 25, 2015.
Testimony of Anne Marie van Blijenburgh about child murder in the Netherlands – 2014.
Dutch blog about the “Ronde Huis” in Nunspeet, the Netherlands – March 2011.